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Skischule Villnöss

Snow fun park

This park is an ideal place to start skiing, as it is a separted area with a gentle slope. The ascent is facilitated by a conveyor belt. Especially families love this park, kids can move around freely in a safe environment.

Ticket Price
One way 1 €
Daily pass children under 12 6 €
Daily pass children over 12 and adults 10 €

The daily pass is valid throughout the whole skiing area and the snow fun park.

Information and rules

The refund for accident or illness will only be given upon presentation of a medical certificate.

The minimum number of course participants is 5 people

The ski school reserves the right to reduce the course time with fewer participants. Course cancellations due to weather-related influences (force majeure) are not replaced.

FIS Rules

  • Rule 1: Respect for others

    A skier or snowboarder must behave in such a way that he does not endanger or prejudice others.

  • Rule 2: Control of speed and skiing or snowboarding

    A skier or snowboarder must move in control. He must adapt his speed and manner of skiing or snowboarding to his personal ability and to the prevailing conditions of terrain, snow and weather as well as to the density of traffic.

  • Rule 3: Choice of route

    A skier or snowboarder coming from behind must choose his route in such a way that he does not endanger skiers or snowboarders ahead.

  • Rule 4: Overtaking

    A skier or snowboarder may overtake another skier or snowboarder above or below and to the right or to the left provided that he leaves enough space for the overtaken skier or snowboarder to make any voluntary or involuntary movement.

  • Rule 5: Entering, starting and moving upwards

    A skier or snowboarder entering a marked run, starting again after stopping or moving upwards on the slopes must look up and down the slopes that he can do so without endangering himself or others.

  • Rule 6: Stopping on the piste

    Unless absolutely necessary, a skier or snowboarder must avoid stopping on the piste in narrow places or where visibility is restricted. After a fall in such a place, a skier or snowboarder must move clear of the piste as soon as possible.

  • Rule 7: Climbing and descending on foot

    A skier or snowboarder either climbing or descending on foot must keep to the side of the piste.

  • Rule 8: Respect for signs and markings

    A skier or snowboarder must respect all signs and markings.

  • Rule 9: Assistance

    At accidents, every skier or snowboarder is duty bound to assist.

  • Rule 10: Identification

    Every skier or snowboarder and witness, whether a responsible party or not, must exchange names and addresses following an accident.